The Indonesia Clinical Research Registry (INA-CRR) is an online registry of clinical research being undertaken in Indonesia. The INA-CRR includes studies from the full spectrum of therapeutic areas of pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, preventive measures, lifestyle, devices, treatment and rehabilitation strategies, and complementary therapies.

The INA-CRR mandatory data items comply with the minimum dataset requirements of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Once the submitted data complies with these requirements, it will be allocated a unique registration number.

How to get account

To submit your research into INA-CRR you need to create an account.
  • This account will be used to submit your clinical research.
  • To get this account you may need to submit an official letter from the head of your organization or statement letter to request INA-CRR account to the Head of Badan Kebijakan Pembangunan Kesehatan, Kementerian Kesehatan.
  • The letter must be written either in Bahasa or English language.
  • The subject should be “a Request for INA-CRR account” atau “Permohonan Akun INA-CRR”.
  • Please indicate an assigned person who will complete the submission (submitter) process for your organization, including the name, email, and cellular phone number.
  • Upload this letter to our website here
  • Your account (username and password) will send to your official email in a few minutes after you submit.

How to registry a research

To register your research, you need to take the following steps
  • Get your individual or institution account (If you or your organization/institution has been registered, you may contact the assigned person).
  • After getting INA-CRR account you can complete the data set.
  • INA-CRR will review and contact you to complete the required information.
  • INA-CRR team will give you the registry number approximately 7 working days.
  • Download the guidelines for details information